Orquideas Katia of Colombia offers quality orchids for sale. Our Orchids are species and hybrids that originate in Columbia. We sell orchids throughout the world and visit orchids shows regularly. Our flickr site has hundreds of pictures of our orchids. Our website has a pdf of currently available orchid seedlings and select divisions. Our flickr site is https://www.flickr.com/photos/orquideaskatia/albums
2016 Orchid Catalog
As quantities are always fluctuating please email us with your inquiry.  We will will create an order and email it to you.  We will total your order, apply any appicable discounts for preorders and such, add shipping, and you can then pay via Paypal, or meet us at a show with a check.

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Dichaeiinae, Sobraliinae, Cypripedioideae



Stanhopeinae, Bifrenariinae

 Zygopetalinae, Lycastinae, Maxillariinae